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The Limehouse Cut Canal

Overview, History, Today, Walking The Limehouse Cut, Extending The Walk

Limehouse Cut Canal Walk
Looking northeast along the Limehouse Cut towards the A12

The Limehouse Cut - Overview:

The Limehouse Cut - History:

Walking the History of the Limehouse Cut
Looking southwest towards "Stinkhouse Bridge"
Limehouse Cut Walk History
The wilderness area opposite the Spratts Factory

The Limehouse Cut - Today:

Narrow Street to Commercial Road

Limehouse Cut WalkLooking north along the Limehouse Lock
Railway arch by StephensonLooking northeast under the railway arch

Commercial Road to Burdett Road

Commercial Road BridgeReflections under the Commercial Road bridge
Limehouse Cut WalkThe long straight after Commercial Road

Burdett Road to Bow Common Lane

Bow Common Lane to Violet Road

Violet Road to the A12

Walking the Limehouse CutThe Spratt's factory
Limehouse Cut WalkThe wilderness area in winter
Walking the Limehouse CutLooking northeast towards the A12

A12 to Three Mills (Bromley by Bow)

The Limehouse Cut WalkThe floating towpath
Walking the Limehouse CutBow locks

The Limehouse Cut - Extending the Walk:

The Limehouse Cut - Getting There:

Nearest Underground/DLR stations: Limehouse DLR (5 minute walk from the Limehouse Basin); Bromley by Bow (3 minutes walk from Three Mills)