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The Shard London Bridge

The Shard LOndon BridgeThe Shard London Bridge - Description:

The Shard London Bridge (also known as the Shard of Glass) is a skyscraper next to London Bridge Station in Southwark. It is to the south of London Bridge which crosses the River Thames from the City of London to the north to what has been deemed for centuries to be the somewhat bohemian areas of Southwark to the south. Click on Southbank for more information on the district.

The Shard has 87 floors and at 310 metres (1016 feet) is the tallest building in the European Union. In the photograph you can see it slightly undressed.

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The Shard London Bridge - Construction:

The Shard is built around an extremely strong concrete core which houses all of the key services including escape routes and 44 lifts including dedicated lifts for firefighters. The office floors are serviced by double decker elevators to increase the efficieny of the use of the lift shafts. In case of emergencies there are three sets of stairs and these are supplemented by high capacity evacuation lifts, this approach is common in cities such as Hong Kong.

The core is designed to withstand the massive lateral forces exerted by the wind. Even with the central core the Shard is intended to move by up to 20 inches in high winds. The design utilises a steel frame for the lower office floors and a post tensioned concrete frame using steel tendons made tense with hydraulic jacks for the higher hotel and residential floor plates. The steel allows for long column-free spans in the office areas and the concrete of the upper floors helps to soundproof the living areas. The upermost levels are steel and a "hat truss" system is utilised which stabilises the building by binding the building's perimeter columns together.

The Shard London Bridge - Sustainability:

To increase energy efficiency the temperature regulation of the building is aided by the design: the outer layer is triple glazed with sun shielding located between an inner double glazed sheet with controlable louvre windows and an outer single glazed sheet. An intelligent blind control system tracks the position and intensity of the sun and moves the shielding into place when and where necessary. The sides of the elevational planes of the outer layer of glass do not meet resulting in non-mechanical ventilation and the top 15 floors in the pinacle are used to dump any excess heat. The building is clad with a special white low iron content reflective glass intended to enhance the building's crystalline appearence.

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The Shard London Bridge - Base Jumping:

Base jumpers have successfully leaped from the structure at least 4 times having bypassed the security measures put in place by the developers.




















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