Exciting Things To Do In London

Here are a few exciting things to do in London to get that adrenalin pumping!

O2 up the o2 ws 2

The O2/North Greenwich Arena – Climbing the O2 Dome:

Recently opened is Up at the O2 – the O2‘s latest attraction. This involves a guided walk over the top of the O2 Dome.

Groups of 15 are kitted out, given safety harnesses and taken up a tensile fabric walkway suspended from the O2’s masts – there are no handrails to the sides – just a central cable that you clip on to. At the top is a 53 metre high circular viewing platform – the equivalent in height to a 20+ storey building. You can wander around the platform which has an uninterrupted 360 degree view. You can see the Shard to the west, Canary Wharf to the north across the river and the Thames Barrier to the east.

Tickets are £22 for adults and children
Open June to September 10am – 8pm, October to May 10am – 5pm
Bookings can be made at: http://www.theo2.co.uk/upattheo2

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RIB Speed Boats:

Two companies run RIB speed boat trips from Westminster through London to Canary Wharf and the Thames Barrier and back. Trips run from the London Eye Millenium Pier (Waterloo Station) and Embankment Pier (Embankment Station). Hang on to your hat! Web addresses of the RIB speed boat companies are:

royal docks ws 1

Wakeboarding on the Royal Docks:

You can get there in style by taking the new cable car across the River Thames from the Greenwich Peninsula or take the Docklands Light Railway to Custom House. Here, in the westernmost part of the enormous Victoria Dock you can wakeboard on the end of a zip line. Not for the faint hearted or the aquaphobic. Prices from £25.




London Eye ws

The London Eye:

The London Eye may seem a little tame, but when the pod gets high up it is exciting. Those without a head for heights might like to take a seat.




River Boat 1 ws

The Thames River Boat:

The Thames River Boat service calling at piers between the London Eye and Greenwich is not as fast as the speed boat, but it piles on the power once it gets past Wapping and is quite quick. It is also cheaper, you can have a drink on the way and get off and have lunch at Greenwich.

The Mile End Climbing Wall:

The Mile End Climbing Wall is open to visiting climbers and offers climbs ranging from novice level to professional. The Mile End Climbing Wall website is at: www.mileendwall.org.uk/

Science Museum ws

The Science Museum:

The Science Museum has astonishing 3D Red Arrows jet flight simulators. It also has lots of other hands-on exhibits that are fun.


st pauls 2 ws

St Paul’s Cathedral:

For a real buzz of adrenaline – it always leaves my knees shaking – try the climb up the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral to the viewing gallery at the top (great views of London). The wooden trestles that hold the stairs on the way up lean right over the inner dome and are supported by it, and when you are climbing up them and consider the drop on the underside of that eggshell … I leave it to your imagination! For the best effect stand underneath the centre of the dome and contemplate the awful void under it before starting your climb!

Ice Skating:

Alexandra Palace has an all year round ice skating rink (nearest underground station Wood Green) and lots of other active things to do on the site. The web site for the ice skating rink is at: www.alexandrapalace.com/ice-rink